Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blogtember-Conscious Thoughts.

How ironic that I was learning about the states of consciousness in my psych classes this week! So...uhm yeah these are my thoughts as of this moment......yes, they are pretty much random and uncensored. You have been warned:

I have the song 22 by Taylor Swift stuck in my head. "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22, everything will be alright when I'm next to you...."
Yay I got a 92 on my psych test!
I am writing this blog entry at work.
I should be studying for my psychology test but I'd much rather breathe and write a blog entry for the masses. I mean come on, don't you love reading this blog? Come on admit it because writing blogs is fun. Reading them and showing them to your friends and making me the next Julie Powel minus the whole actually having to cook thing. I can't cook to save my life. At least I 've tried before minus it becoming an epic failure.
I really want a cakepop.
Can it be five o'clock yet?
I'm sad.
I miss Hiroki.
I miss Alessia.
I don't know about you; I'm feeling 22...
Why didn't I wear leggings today?
Is it bad that some people annoy me for no apparent reason? Like seriously, certain people can annoy me without even talking to me. How is that possible? I feel like such a bad person. Of course this reminds me when I was in Personality and we were talking about the unconscious factors of Freud. Freud is such a fascinating person, even though his thoughts are outdated, ridiculous, and all about sex. I mean look at the Oedipus with your mom come on..However, it's just pretty damn interesting to study. Did you know I can identify what stage of development you're in? Thank you psychology.
How many books are in your average library?
WHY CAN"T TODAY BE FRIDAY? Friday is the best day of the week.
I hope that I passed my math test. I hate math. Why do I have to take math anyways? I mean come on, I'm going to be a social worker, and a writer. I get that I should know how to add and do all of that basic stuff but that's it. I think if you''re going to be a liberal arts me, that you shouldn't have to take such degrees of math that aren't useful for what you're going to study. For English that would mean that I actually should know how to count. I don't know what kind of math that you would need to be a social worker. I JUST NEED TO KNOW HOW TO BALANCE A CHECKBOOK DAMNIT!
I'm not 22 but I'm feeling it. What is feeling 22 anyways? Can you feel an age? What is this nonsense? Taylor Swift please elaborate on what feeling 22 is anyways. I really don't understand what it's like to feel an age. I guess you can say that what I'm feeling now is 19. But what happens when your 19 and you're feeling a whole different age on either end of the spectrum? Will Taylor Swift write a song that is about feeling old? I shouldn't be making such an analyzation of a song.

Yeah, before you all judge me, I'm going to end it here.

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