Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogtember Post, Cause Why Not?

Okay so I was reading my friend Emma's blog (linked posted below) and really liked this idea. So I decided to write this in my own way shape and form. The prompt is to write to someone that you love. Emma picked future husband (I loved your letter girl) I decided to write a letter to one of my best friends in the world, who currently lives about halfway across the country. His name, or code name is Hiroki. I picked him because I miss him a lot, and he is one of my closest and truest friends that I have. So, Hiroki, this one is for you.

Dear Hiroki, 
So, you're in Minnesota. How is the weather? Are you enjoying college, and all of your experiences? It's really hot here. It's awful, because it's almost mid-September, and I'm not ready for all of this heat.
I miss you quite terribly; mainly because lately I've been feeling really sad and you are the one that normally cheers me up, with your witty outlooks on life. I miss our long walks, talking about life how we imagine it being, in addition to what it actually could be. Those walks are therapeutic, although I used to complain about being tired during much of the walk. I also miss reading your creative and awesome stories, and hearing your eclectic, but awesome views on life.
I love you very much. Over the time that we've known each other, you have become one of my closest and most trusted friends. I am so glad that I said hi to you when I did, because now we're the best friends. :) I am so proud of all of your accomplishments, and I'm so proud to call you my best friend. 
Our future is as bright and shiny as a diamond. I can see us now, me the successful writer/social worker, and you, the linguistic person with a big house and rich husband. We will somehow always be involved in the other's life, whether going from seeing each other a lot to hardly seeing each other for months on end. I know that through out my lifetime you'll always be there for me as much as possible. I hope that you know that I am always there for you as much as I can too. 
Thank you for all that you've done for me for the past two years. You have been there through a lot of crazy shit, and I'm glad to call you my best friend. Thank you for supporting me and loving me. I support you and love you in all that you do as well. Why? Because you're PG, I'm NQ, and we're unstoppable.  No matter how uncomfortable, and uneasy the future may be, it comforts me that you're always going to be in my life. 
I love you. You have become more than a friend to me. And no, not in the boyfriend sense of the word. Like, a member of my family kind of thing. Like a brother, I would say, but you don't like referring to a person based on their gender. 
I hope that you're happy when you read this, and having a good day. I love you! 
PS: You have a lot of nicknames for me.

You can find Emma's blog here:
Thanks Emma for the idea! :D

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