Monday, September 2, 2013

Freedom of Word.

One of the many freedoms that we take for granted in my opinion is the fact that we have freedom of speech. We can say whatever we want pretty much without penalty. We have the right to be informed, and the right to hear whatever news that we wish to hear. When we have the idea to be written down, we can write them down and share them with whoever we want. This affects me directly, because as a blogger, I have the power to share my opinion with whoever clicks open my page. I have the freedom to write what I want, when I want to write it, and hope that someone clicks on me and enjoys the stuff that I have presented.  Without my freedom of speech and freedom of speech, I can’t honestly know what I would do whenever inspiration strikes.
Our founding fathers fought for us to be free without the power of England. They came up with a Constitution that we still follow today. The rights that are shared in the Bill of Rights is something that I believe to be a part of Human Rights that we should be born with naturally.
Now imagine if there was no Freedom of Speech. Imagine if the news that you received was from the government. Chances are that you’re going to be living a sheltered brainwashed life, hearing only what the government wants you to hear. There would be no expression, no thoughts that could probably change the world. If a government official comes up with an idea, chances are a lot of people would think that it’s the best thing ever. If a common citizen comes up with an idea multiple problems can occur. For starters, the government official can feel threatened by the citizen, and act in negative manners towards that citizen.
Thanks to the first amendment, I can sit here and write you this blog entry. I can listen to Aerosmith at top volume. I can read a book that has absolutely no point. I can do all sorts of awesome things just for the sure thing that I can. I am thankful that Amendment every single day, because without it, the smaller people at the end of the social spectrum, the ones with a bright and shiny tomorrow, are the ones who can also have a chance to shine. So, thank you to our founding fathers who have fought for this to happen. Thank you for giving me the freedom to read and write what I feel like writing.

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