Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy 63rd Anniversary Peanuts!

63 years ago today, a young man named Charles Schultz started drawing a comic strip about a young boy, his dog and his friends. One would never think that something so simple can turn into something so big. Soon, Peanuts, became an American icon, and of course developed such a huge fan base of young and old alike.
For those of you for don't know, I'm a huge Snoopy fan. I have a lot of merchandise ranging from stuffed animals (I collect them;I have over 20 stuffed Snoopys, Charlie Brown, and half a dozen Woodstocks), shirts, mugs, pens, and a thousand of other things.
The reasons why I love Peanuts is because it simply makes me happy. Snoopy is the cutest thing on earth, in my opinion. I love it when he dances and wear costumes and stuff. I mean come on, who doesn't love a dancing cartoon dog, who also wears a WW1 ace uniform? It's so cute. I also love the theme song. It literally makes me smile and think of happy things. Whenever I'm sick, I also have a stuffed Snoopy at hand, and sometimes I even watch a marathon.
So, happy birthday Peanuts! Thank you for the cheer, and thank you for the laughs. Here's to another 63 years!

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