Thursday, October 3, 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Alex and Ani

Note: This is a new feature I've developed. I'm looking to create a feature where I review things, such as fashion, books, movies, television shows, and music. If I like it, then it will be called 'Things I Love Tuesday/Thursday.' If I hate it, then it would be called "Things I Hate..." I'm really looking foreword to writing about these kinds of things! 

It seems like everyone has them. These bangles with a tiny little charm on it. Those bracelets are called Alex and Ani. An American company developed in Rhode Island, Alex and Ani makes positive energy bangles that quickly have been featured on the arms of women and girls everywhere. The charms stand for or represent something. There are thousands of charms that come in gold or silver, and can either be worn alone or with a bunch of bracelets. In addition to that, they are good for the environment as well, because they are made out of recyclable materials. Either way, these bracelets have quickly become all of the rage.
I have eight of these bracelets (some featured below). Most of them have some sort of meaning. I have the Lotus, the Om, my initial, an endless knot, a Saint Anthony, a peace sign, my birth stone, and a mermaid. I typically wear them often, at least twice a week on average. Each of them, okay fine most of them, have some sort of meaning. The Om symbol represents the fact that I'm extremely creative. The Lotus reminds me that I'm strong, and unbreakable. The Saint Anthony reminds me of my grandfather, because his middle name was Anthony and he used to wear a Saint Anthony necklace all of the time. Even though I have a  bunch, there's still a few that I would like to get. A feather, because of my writing. A cupcake, because cupcakes remind me to be happy about the little things. A monkey...because I like monkeys a lot. A clover/claddaugh for luck and the fact that I'm fascinated by Irish things. A Blessed Mother, because that's my confirmation name. Those are just to name a few.

Every time that I wear these bracelets, I can't help but feel good about myself. I don't know why and I really can't explain why that is. I just really like them. I guess that I'm ahead of this charmed arms trend!
I do however would like to point out that these bracelets do tend to turn black easily and overtime. I actually called the store, and they recommended putting gentile shampoo, such as dove on them! Hope that helps anyone whose experienced the same problems such as me!
All and all, I'm all for team Charmed Arms! :D


  1. Recently my mom gave me an anchor Alex and Ani because it symbolizes strength and stability which I needed that weekend. Now I only take it off when I'm at work (no jewelry policy) and when I shower. I love Alex and Ani's too, thanks for the idea about how to clean them.


    1. Your welcome, and thank you for the comment! Enjoy!