Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Sally Hansen Nail Strips

Yes, I'm a girl who enjoys painting her nails.However, since I bead in my spare time, polish tends to not stick around for very long, and therefore in about two days, my nails would go from looking pretty to a hot mess. Because I didn't want to like waste perfectly good (and expensive) nail polish, I decided to not paint them for a while, and that made me very sad. I wanted to get the whole fake nail thing, but I wasn' t comfortable with putting glue on my nails. Then, I discovered this wonderful product!
The process is very intense. You have to peel the nail, stretch it on, and then trim the excess off. It sounds simple, but since I'm accident prone, I had my mother on hand. It took about a half an hour to put them on.
However, once I got them on I didn't have to wait for them to dry (unlike most nail polishes...) which I liked because I always somehow smudge my nails while waiting for them to dry. So for once, I had perfect nails, which was exciting.
Once they were on, they didn't come off. I found that excellent because I didn't have to change them for about two weeks. The fact that they were long lasting is a reason why I bought them again and again.
However, a downside of this product is that it's hard to find stuff that isn't wild and crazy. I thought the patterns were cute, however, they were a little out there for my taste. I would have liked to see them have more plain colors, and less out there ones. Another downside is that they are a little hard to get off, however, if you scrub at your nails, it will be off in about ten minutes.
I recommend this product highly to people who do crafts, people who have trouble keeping their nails chip free, or people who like to experiment with cool nail patterns. All and all, I will be buying these for a long time to come.

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