Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Vera Bradley Wristlets

 (English Rose pattern in the smaller style) 

(carry it all wristlet) 
Have you ever gone out, and not wanted to carry the entire contents of your purse with you, however you needed money, phone, and all of that basic stuff? As a college student, switching from my backpack to purse and vice versa can be annoying because I often would neglect to bring things that I needed, such as money, and my ID.
I then discovered this wrist let (this is actually the pattern that I have it; featured above), and my life was changed forever. I like it because I can fit it in both my purse, AND my backpack. I can put my keys onto it, fit my phone, have my IDs available without digging for it, and it's all organized, which is great because I know where everything is when I need it. It's also good for when I don't want to take my purse out, because it's light, and holds everything that I need to be held.
It comes in two sizes; the smaller one is $36, and the larger one is $49. If you have a smaller phone, than opt for the smaller one. If you have a larger phone than opt for the bigger one. If you have an iPhone, get the bigger one, because the smaller one is too small to hold your phone. 
I basically don't go anywhere with out this. I recommend this to any student because of it's convenience. Once you get this, you won't know what you did without it. 

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