Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ally Week!

I'm an ally. I wear purple on spirit days, and I'm silent on days of silence. I'm not a lesbian, but I sure as hell support the glsen and wear that label proudly. I think that ally week should be every week because they are just as important as the people who actually are in the community. Without allys, the community would lack the support needed for acceptance to make the community at long last, a part of society that truly has a voice.
One of my best friends is gay. It bothers me that he can't get married in certain states, just because he wants to marry a man. People who can get married after not known each other for very long can get married anywhere, but two men who are in love and deserve to get married can't because in some states, that's illegal. It bothers me that people still think that it's cool to say words such as "fag" or use phrases such as "that's so gay". Dude, it's offensive. Whenever I hear those words, I literally want to punch those people in the face. Hate has become an avid part of our society, and I think it's simply stupid. We're faced with prejudices and sterotypes, and some hate those are different than the norm. I think that since we don't know or are afraid of it, we simply hate on it. Hate is stupid, because when we hate, we're closing our minds to change. To change, we need to have an open mind. I think that we need to change, because things are pretty fucked up the way that they are. Sure, we've made progress, but that doesn't mean that there's still more to be made.
I've known people who are self conscious because they think lesbians are wierd, or self conscious, and that's  okay because that's what floats their book. I respect those who have oposing views because I want them to respect my views. We live in a society where I think that we can benefit from more ideas, and more ideas make a brighter future. If I encounter someone who doesn't agree with me, I simply nod, and ask them what made them think the way that they do. There are people on this earth who don't agree with gay marriage and rights, and they suck, in my opinion. To hate on them because they simply view things differently than I do? That's like going down to their level, and fighting a war on hate with hate will only produce hate.
One thing that I would like to address about being an ally is that it doesn't mean that I'm a lesbian. There's nothing wrong with that first of all. Second of all, I feel like people need to get their heads out of their asses and educate themselves on what being an ally really is. We support people who are lesbian, gay, transgenders, and bi. We're the progression, looking to make tomorrow a world that's free for everyone. If you're not an ally, we respect your views too. But don't hate on us, because we're trying to make tomorrow's generation more liberal.

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