Friday, October 4, 2013


Everyone in this universe has an awkward situation that they encounter at some point in their lives. It's all a part of being human, kind of like breathing and stuff like that.
How are awkward situations caused? In my case, it happens simply when I don't know how to act in a particular situation. Also being awkward can spill into the whole being in uncomfortable situations thing. However, it's not as dominant as we would like to think of it as being. I do however would like to argue that some people are more awkward than others. I guess it has to do with personality, and the way we handle things.
Here are some of the awkward situations that I notice myself being in more as a college student:

  • Not knowing what to say when you meet an attractive person. Come on, give it up. We have all been there. I often don't say anything. When we're around people that we find attractive, we tend to say things that we think sound stupid. We may even do stupid things like trip or spill our coffee over them. That's awkward. Flirting for me isn't exactly the greatest thing ever, although like most things the more you practice them, the easier that it gets. Just be yourself and everything will be fine, pinky swear! 
  • Having classes with an ex significant other or friend. Have you ever encountered a person who you just don't like or a person who you really just don't want to see? Than bam! They are in your class, and you're stuck with them for a semester or two....great. The best way to deal with this, other than screaming at them in their face, is to just ignore them like they don't exist. And yes, you will make it through it. 
  • Tripping/spilling stuff. We're klutzy at times. It happens. Sometimes, it can happen when we least expect. Or want it to for that matter. Wait, who wants to trip on their shoelace? I don't. The best way to deal with this is to simply brush it off. One thing I do after I trip in front of people is say "I guess that I failed hand-eye coordination." Making a joke out of it surely makes this, in addition to any kind of awkward situations better. 
  • Having a person that's into you, and well you're not. I had this guy who won't leave me alone on a day to day basis. Thousands of texts, and if I didn't respond I would get more. This can get awkward. Especially if the person is your friend and you just don't want to hurt them. However, you're not feeling it. Dealing with this, I'd say that honesty is your best policy. One grain of salt is that you're going to need to have to break the truth to them nicely. That means think of their feelings and putting things in a nice way.
  • Saying something completely stupid and making absolute no sense. Yes, this happens a lot to me. I often try to make a joke out of, but it's just the way that the mind works. No matter how smart you are, some stupidity is bound to come out of that mouth of yours eventually. We can't prevent that, but we can brush it off when it happens. 
These are just a few of my awkward experiences as a college student, and just as a wallflower. What are your awkward experiences? Enlighten me, I would love to hear them. 

I would like to dedicate this to my friend from computer science class, who created the "Awkward Corner" with me last year. Heidi this is for you! 

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