Sunday, October 13, 2013

Those Who Are Gone

This blog entry is to honor two men. One man I knew, the other was a complete and total stranger, yet I somehow knew him, as did thousands of fans of his.

A few days ago, I watched the episode of glee with Cory Montieth. I have just gotten into the whole glee thing pretty recently, and have fallen for it pretty quickly. However, I couldn't help but burst out into tears...for the entire episode.
Cory, you had thousands of fans who loved you. You were a talented kid, and whose talents are greatly appreciated by the community of tweens, teens, and everyone else. You were loved by cast members, by fans, and your friends and family. Your life was short, and but not forgotton. You have left an imprint on the fans who loved you, and the family that knew you. Rest in peace, Cory. You were the quarterback, and always will be.
Cosmo  Mansi
Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of my grandfather Cosmo's (pictured above) death. I decided to visit him, for some odd reason. I hate going to his grave, because it reminds me of him being sick. It reminds me of just leaving him the day of his funeral. It reminds me of how his life ended, something that I really can't take thinking about. I like to think of him as happy and healthy, not as sick and as a corpse. When I go to his grave the few times that I have, I often get flooded back with haunted memories of his ghost. I don't want to remember that man. I want to remember the one with the crazy one liners, the one who took care of me, and made me laugh.
Death and dying is a part of life we can not avoid. However, when we are forced to deal with death and dying we have to remember not that it was over, we have to remember that during their lives, there was happy moments. I believe that you should celebrate life, not mourn it. Grieving comes naturally, and we all have to go through it, some earlier than others.
The men I mentioned were great men. Today, I honor them, because they lived a great life, with people who truly loved them.
Those who have gone have inspired us to realize that life is truly short, and that we have to take advantage of everyday, because it's may as well as be our last.

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