Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Words are something that each and every one of us is equipped with. Words help us communicate with the world around us, are we hungry, tired or full? We use words to tell people how we feel and what we need. Sometimes, though people can use those weapons in a negative manner, causing someone to get hurt over what they said.
I want to take a moment to describe that situation and to discuss. Recently, I have heard a rumor about someone that was something that people really shouldn't be talking about because it's none of their business. If it's a rumor, than I feel bad for the person, because then people are going around and talking about her personal life like that. If it's true, then I feel bad for her because then she has a long road ahead of her. I may not be her biggest fan; however I think that it's wrong that people are wasting their lives talking about an issue that's none of their business.
I think that at some point or another; we all use words in a negative manner, whether to make ourselves feel or look good, or to bring the other person down. Well you are ALL assholes, and completely wrong. Look at tabliods, and all of that fun stuff. Would you like someone spreading a rumor about you? I don't think you do.
I want you to take a moment to think about something. Think of a time someone spread some sort of rumor about you; or some sort of secret for that manner. I bet you didn't feel too good then. So the next time you open your mouth, think of that time. Do you want someone to feel the same pain as you did then? I bet not. And if you do, then seriously, you have probelms.
I want us all to think before we speak. Because we can never take aback an action once it is done. So think. It could make someone else's day a little less horrid.

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