Sunday, September 2, 2012

Books are Food for the Brain.

I believe that books are like food for the brain. I believe this because books are ways that we can feed our brains knowledge, similar to the way food feeds our body nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and all of that good stuff. In addition to that, it helps us to expand our imagination to newer and higher limit, to inspire us to soar to newer and higher aspirations than what we have previously have expected for ourselves.
In school, they always say that reading is a good thing. Sometimes, people tend to think that just because their teachers say that, it's something to ignore. Sad but true. I think, however, that there's a purpose to everything that you read, whether it's assigned or not. One of the purposes is to learn something, whether about a person, time, scandal, or place. Another is to hear someone's story, whether they may be fiction or an actual person, to get to know them a tad bit better, to understand them completely why they did something or to learn their story.
I think that shows us to look past what's on the outside, and look in what the person thinks/feels. Sometimes, we don't tend to realize that sometimes people have a reason for being who they are, and who they portray themselves as being. For example; in the holiday story A Chirstmas Story, we tend to look at Scrooge as being a grumpy old man. However, no one asked why he's like that. Sure, he could have been a huge asshole all of the time, but no one looked beyond his rude persona to look at WHY he is like that. No one wondered did something happen to this man to make him this way? Maybe he was abused by his parent, which makes it hard for him to reach out to humans, or hard to trust others, because he's simply afraid to be hurt. He can also have avoidant personality disorder for all we know. We just never know, so we judge. In pyschology, this concept is know as the fundamental attributation error (concept explained in an earlier entry). Also, one can argue that he could just be a crabby old man.
I also think reading gets us to think. Like most of our body, the brain is a muscle all of it's own. To make it stronger, we must exercise it. Whether it's something for class or for pleasure, we must excerise our brain  for top performance, such as a standardized test, and what not. It doesn't hurt to think.
Overall, I believe that books are food for the brain, because it shows us that we can aspire to anything our little heart desire. With books, we can explore Hogwarts with Harry, get a front row seat with Katniss, watch Gatsby's undying love for Daisy unfold, and explore the unknown world of high school with Charlie. We can live in a world, just for a little while that's different from our own, a sweet escape from our own reality. Some say that they don't enjoy reading, well maybe it's because they haven't found the books that interest them. The amount of books out there are infinite; you just have to find your own niche or genre of books that make you want to read. Books can be more than just an assignment, it can be the thing that expands your mind to new horizons. By feeding our brain with them, we are able to do so.

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