Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Technology Replacing Actuality?

Recently, my mom got a phone that finally was able to text. Up until this point, my mother would only be able to call me, making getting ahold of her a heck of a lot harder then if I was able to send a quick text to her. Now that she does have that option, it's a: kinda weird, because I'm not used to texting my mother, and b: kinda puzzling.
Lately, some of my classes have been mostly online, or have some kind of online component. Now, instead of getting bookwork, we get problems on a computer. As environmentally friendly as it is, it kind of scares me, because it feels so informal.
Don't get me wrong, I love computers, texting and iPods. Obiviously, because I write a blog, and am addicted to my cell phone like it's my job. But, in a way, it feels like it's replacing actual human contact. I miss those days when we would be able to just phone someone, for them to come over and stuff. Mainly, because it kind helps us be able to talk to them, and whatnot. (For those of you whose number i   have called, you all know that I have a lot of trouble leaving voicemails, I blame the power of text messaging because I often have to think about what I'm saying, so I can delete the words and stuff, and I'm not very good at thinking on my feet.)
With technology replacing everything from books to CDs, to even the way we communicate, we often have to wonder what the future lies ahead. Would we become a digital world? How would this affect us socially?
As much as the technology is a good thing, sometimes, we just need actuality. Example? Whenever I'm sad, I often want a hug. It's the way that I am, because hugs are awesome. In liu of a real one, I have friends who give me virtual ones. As awesome as that may be, sometimes, I just want the real thing. Will there be a such thing as virtual cookies next?
Sometimes, with every pro, there's a con. Think about it.

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