Monday, September 10, 2012

What Movies Have Taught Me,

They say that romantic movies should not be our basis towards life because it's a movie, and is created by a world of Hollywood writers. But sometimes, a world that is created by Hollywood writers has its own prospects.
Movies, believe it or not have shown me countless things about life. Movies have taught me to take chances in life. For example, in the Titanic movie, when Rose and Jack FINALLY get together, it shows me that sometimes, in life to be happy that you have to take a risk or a chance to do so. Needless to say, Jack and Rose have taken that chance by meeting and getting coupled up when the whole world is against them, but hey, when there is a will, there is a way. Also, in general, some movies tend to be more educational; for example, Titanic because it shows us how people lived in 1912, and what the ship looks now. Movies show us, by giving us a glance, how someone's life once was.
Movies, however, have been rumored to having unreal standards. Obiviously, certain things are soley in the movies. For example, those mean girl clique things. Yeah. In the movies, and the TV shows. At least in my experience in high school and middle school, I haven't witnessed that. However, there were girls in my school who thought that they were popular, and better than everyone else. Also, notice how the guy always says something perfect when he goes through professing his love for the girl? Yeah, that doesn't happen too much in real life, because often, the guy doesn't have someone telling him what to say. (AKA a writer or director who will pay him LOTS of money)
Movies are a part of our culture. We watch them to buy an escape ticket from our own lives, a two hour vacation into someone else's life. Sometimes, they can teach us things. Sometimes, they are just there to entertain. Either way, they do have a purpose.

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