Monday, April 15, 2013

I See Red

I don't know what you've done to me,
Just the sight of you makes me angry.
A fire that burns in your soul,
A powerful hatred that burns out of control
You wanted me to let you in,
Your motivation is purely sin
I can't look at you without going mad
When karma hits you I will finally be glad

I see red when I see your face
Takes me back to a time and place
When you pushed me to the limit,
I would wonder what caused you to finally get it
I see red when you call my phone
Will you ever leave me alone
You've destroyed my self confidence
All in hopes of twisted romance
You're now done messing with my head
And all I see is red

Don't try to force yourself in,
I don't care for you, you were never him
You wanted to break the barrier
Just so you can say that you had her
You think you're the man
So really you don't care who I am?
Was I the girl taking up the space?
A person that you can replace


You said I'd be your one and only
But that sounds like bullshit to me
You were never an option
I won't just go through the motions
I'm not like that
Cause that's a fact
You should get that through your head
Because your face causes me to see red


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