Monday, February 15, 2016

Music Monday: Wonderful Crazy Night by Elton John

Elton John is one of my favorite artists, and his legacy is incredible. His career spans over four decades, and he's the man behind the piano for hit songs such as "Your Song," "Tiny Dancer" and "Candle in the Wind." On Feb. 5, 2016, Elton came out with his 32nd studio album, "Wonderful Crazy Night." And it was wonderful, but not so crazy.
The album reminded me of the similar tempo and mindset of his past releases--"Honky Chateu" and "Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player." When John went out to make this album, he wanted to make a happy album--with happy lyrics. The album's lead single, "Looking Up," mirrors that exact mentality. This is also the first album since 2006's "The Captain and the Kid" to feature the Elton John band. All songs on the album were written by Bernie Taupin and Elton John, the lyricial genius duo who composed "Candle In the Wind," and "Simple Life" just to name a few.
The album kicks off in the fast paced tempo of the title track, "Wonderful Crazy Night," which gets listeners up off of their feet. The album slows down for tracks like "Blue Wonderful" and "In The Name of You," however, the tempo speeds up again in songs like "Looking Up." The album definitely shows John's talent as well as Taupin's lyrical genius.
Overall, this album was a good listen. No, it's not going to be in the same league as classic Elton John albums, such as "The One," nor "Goodbye Yellowbrick Road," however, it still is a really good album. I recommend this album for two reasons. One it's Elton John, and pretty much everything he does is pretty good. Two it's just a really good album, and worth the listen.
Songs I liked: "Wonderful Crazy Night," "In The Name Of You," "Looking Up," "Claw Hammer" and "Guilty Pleasure" 


  1. Cool to hear about your amazing passion for Elton John ---- rock on! ~gabu

    1. Lol i just saw this :) thanks for reading! :D