Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Society and the Single Girl: Why You Shouldn't Fall For The First Guy

With the hype of Valentine's Day far behind us, all singles can go back to browsing social media without the constant reminder that they are forever alone. However, there's something about the need of relationships, and the lack of one can send just about anyone to the unknown land of Tinder, where who knows what you'll encounter. When someone likes us, it's enough to make anyone happy and weak in the knees so that when they ask us on a date, we say yes. Why? Because, it's a date. Dates are crucial to have.
 However, there's something about the need to be in a relationship that we settle for one with the first person who comes along. We live in a society where you just need to have a partner, and when you don't have one it's like you are left out of this super-secret society. So when someone finally looks like they may have a chance at entering that ultra secret club, they are going to take it, right? When you've been single for so long, you're going to want to say yes to the first person that comes along for you.
But the first guy that you fall in love with or ask out may not be the guy for you. Sure, it's while it's good to go out on dates, you shouldn't do it just to have a date. Just like you shouldn't say yes to someone you maybe like or could like over time because they are the first guy to give you the time of day ever. Why? Because, you're selling yourself and that person short. You shouldn't date someone just for the bragging right. You should date someone for the fact that not a moment goes by when they don't cross your mind.
The label is nice, but it's just a label. It's important to look past the hype of getting a boyfriend, and focus on the person that you would want to share with. If you want go on the date to get the experience, but after that, evaluate your feelings. If you're not crazy in love, than maybe you shouldn't be dating that person.
Take home message here is that relationships are about feelings, not about labels. 

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