Thursday, May 30, 2013

Forever Curious

One of the things I like most about psychology is the fact that it give us the answers to why we act the way that we act. It gives us an inside edition, the x-ray image of behavior. I like to look for reasons behind the story.
There are so many theories out there in the field. Freud's psycho-sexual stages, Erikson's stages of identity, Marcia's theories of identity, Gardner's theories of intelligence, and Piaget's stages of development are some of the many out there. Each view of psychology has contributed to the field, similar to how a pizza topping contributes to the pizza. It only makes the field that much more interesting.
I'll forever be curious. I can't wait to get my life started in this field so I have the ability to learn about human behaviors and motivations. I can't wait to have patients with problems  and know that with my help they will develop a solution.
So why am I psychology major? It's because I'm forever curious. 

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