Saturday, June 1, 2013

Can't Change The Past; Can Change The Future.

I often worry about things that may or may not happen. Based on my past experiences, I often think that they will happen again in the future.
Well, they won't.
What's in the past is in the past. It's like the paper that you've already written and handed in; it's done, and you can't change what's already pierced the paper. You can't worry about it because it's already in the teacher's hands. What's done is done.
The future is like the dependent variable; it's the constant that forever changes. Whatever action you are doing now will affect your future. You know that test that you have on Monday? The one that you know is like your hardest subject. Yeah, you know. Well you have two options. The first is to blow it off all weekend and spend your weekend in the pool. If you do this, then on Monday you'll look at the test, not know anything and ultimately fail. The second one is if you study and balance some play in efficiently. Then on Monday you know all of the answers and get an A.
I'm learning that lesson now. The figures who hurt me in the past are no longer here to haunt me in the future. I know that the people in my present aren't the ones from my past. They won't hurt me because they don't have the capacity as those previously.
With that, I still have fear that remains. Fear of getting close to someone who may one day leave. Because of that I panic, and because of that, I get upset. But being scared about losing something is pointless because if you're so scared of losing it why do you even want it so badly? If a bird doesn't want to stay, it won't stay.
The past is in the past. It was bleak, and it's behind us. The future remains in front of us; something bright and shiny to look foreward to with open arms.
And that's a fact.

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