Sunday, June 2, 2013

Not For Me

A lot of my friends are in relationships. Some of them tend to have more drama then others. If you want my opinion, and screw that I'm going to give you my opinion anyway because I believe it to be important. I hate drama. I hate crying and making myself upset because it seems completely stupid and pointless. Who likes crying and feeling sad? Honestly. Isn't the point of a relationship to be HAPPY? Hello, happy isn't crying with a tub of ice cream because you're fighting with someone. Happy isn't shutting yourself off from society until he calls or texts.
I feel like some of the girls out there have unrealistic expectations on what's expected of a man that their with.  They watch the Notebook, and they think that relationships are like that. Well, they aren't. First of all, Noah and Allie's relationship is one scripted by a writer. Your relationship is written by God. Two different writers. Hollywood paints such an illusion of relationships that I often find myself wondering when will my prince arrive? (okay once, but still) Due to this, we expect the man to do this in real life.
Crazy girlfriends have become the rage on Twitter,  YouTube and Facebook. I DO follow her because she's so entertaining. But I couldn't notice the unrealistic expectations that she has for her boyfriend. For example, texting multiple times (okay fine, I've done this before), calling a girl a whore for liking her boyfriend's status, and countless other crazy things. These things are more and more becoming into real life.
First of all, if this applies to you, maybe you should CHILL for a second.
Second of all, it leaves me wondering if I'm able to be in relationship. If a guy expects a girlfriend to do those things, then clearly it's acceptable. However, it's not me. I'm not in a relationship, but I wouldn't mind one. I don't plan on solely focusing on that, and making my relationship be my sole thing I have going for me. (I mean come on. Girl who falls in love and gets married and spits out children? Boring life story. Now girl who has a career, a family, a great romance, and not to mention an awesome car....that's what I'm talking about.) I have school. Grad school. A job to find. I have many books to read, a difference to make and people to help. I can't spend my time being unhappy because someone didn't call me. I think life's too short to be unhappy, and therefore why should I spend my life being sad.
 If and when some guy is dumb enough to go out with me, I can guarantee that I won't do that unless he does something completely stupid or I have emotional reason to. I'm not trying to offend anyone who does fall into this category, I just don't fall into it. Is it bad? Maybe. But I want to be in a relationship that's happy and relaxed. Not one that makes me sad. Sad macs should just stay computers.

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