Sunday, June 23, 2013

Let's Take A Moment..

Usually my blog is about me, my life, and my thoughts. But today, I've decided to make this particular entry about someone who is very awesome. And that is my best friend whose a female. (For privacy reasons, we shall call her Jenni. Which is ironically my nickname for her)
Last night I got to watch her perform at a dance recital. She's been dancing pretty much her entire life, and she's pretty good in it. She dances with her heart and soul, and it shows. Anyways, she was incredible. I was  amazed (even though I knew that she was awesome to begin with based on her youtube video) But videos, just like phone screens are not as good as seeing the real thing. Anyways the real thing was amazing. It was full of passion, and you can see the amount of care and effort that she puts into it. I've never had the privilege of seeing someone dance with that amount of passion on one particular night. So, Jenni, if you happen to read this, you did amazingly awesome last night, and when you get to be a professional dancer, remember to ask Leonardo DiCaprio to eat pizza with me. (Well he's Italian right?)
Jenni and I have been friends since our seventh grade band class. We both actually played the same instrument. However until about our junior year, we didn't become close. Although we've had our ups and downs from then until now, I can honestly say that she's my best friend. (And I hate that term. Honestly, but even though I'm a writer I couldn't come up with a better term) She's been there for me when I'm upset about boys, fathers, ducks, and various other things, and I only hope that I've done the same for her. Here's to more dances on her part, and a lifetime of awesome friendship.

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