Saturday, June 29, 2013

We've Come A Long Way; Still A Long Way To Go.

This week brings excellent news for the gay community. California made same sex marriage legal, and Thursday marked the end of DOMA. Two great strides in the fight for equal rights. However, with the great strides that we've made over the past few years, we still face a great struggle. Not everyone can still walk down the partner with the person that he or she chooses. It makes me upset when I hear about those things. The right to get married is something that should be available for everyone. We should have the right to marry just like we have the right to breathe. It's natural, and if you have the  capacity to love then you should have the right to get married.
However, things can never be that simple. There are people in this world that are ignorant and are not open to change. Their minds will forever remain closed, and I don't know if they ever will open. I don't get why there are people like that, however they do exist. Maybe, it's the way they were raised. Maybe, they believe that the way that things are should be the way that things are. Things are not perfect. Things may never be, because a perfect world is a concept that perhaps is out of our reach. Thus, we can hope for a tomorrow with open minds with a desire to change to make the world's gold star shine a tad bit brighter.
I hope that when my kids go to school the fight for equality is something that they read in the textbooks, right after the Civil Rights movement. I hope that one day everyone will be equal, because we all have a beating heart that beats loudly. We've come a long way from our parent's generation of remaining in the closet and being secretive about our sexuality, however, the equality fight still is being fought.
What can you do to help win this fight? We can only have an open mind, to educate, and to help spread new ideas. I can not wait to be present at my best gay friend's wedding in the next few decades, and to know that he's earned the right to get married, because of the fight that he had to go through to get it. (Which is very unnecessary if you ask me) Let's get ready for a brighter tomorrow, kids!

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