Saturday, June 8, 2013

If I Were To Rule the World

With great powers comes great responsibilities. Otherwise, then there could be great consequences. It is similar to when one goes for their license. The ones that speed and text are the ones who are too young to have the freedom to enjoy their car. Becoming a ruler of the world is similar like that. If I were to be a ruler to this world, I would bring about great changes to those living and change the way of life for the greater good forever. Change, especially great change is something that is gradual and is not expected to happen overnight. To make a change more permanent then everyone must be willing to do so; at least the vast majority.
The first and perhaps the most important thing on my list is to have the same rights for everyone, despite their sexual orientation, race or SES (socioeconomic status). A human is a human, despite their decisions, and the way that they choose to live their lives. They have a heart that beats blood through their veins. They have the same autonomy as us. Therefore they should have the rights that are the same as us. Let them get married. Let them have the same opportunities as you. This would change society for the better, simply because then everyone would have the same rights and everyone would get to marry who they want to love. This would make the world more fair, and everyone would at last be more equal.
After gay rights, I would next focus on adolescents. During puberty one tends to feel lonely. Therefore, I would propose every teenager getting a counselor to discuss issues ranging from issues with the opposite sex, and their changing bodies. This I believe to be important because I feel like more and more teens need someone to listen to them, someone whose not a parent, and to be told that they are beautiful inside and out. I would also focus on presenting more positive role models, such as Demi Lovato. By focusing on these issues, and making teens feel like there are people that are there for them that love them can only bring good things, and positive outcomes, which is a change to the way the world is now.
Let's not forget about the animals. Millions of dogs are abandoned each year. If it was up to me, then I would ensure brutal and negative consquences to those who do so. I want every animal to have a home and someone to cuddle with them on a daily basis. They need love too, and their freaking adorable, if I do say so myself. Let's make that statistic to zero, shall we?
I doubt that I'll become queen of the world anytime soon. However, I still can make changes to the greater good of society. Volunteering. Listening. I am one person, and with one person we can start a movement that we can at least work towards a greater goal.

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