Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who Are You to Judge?

Lately, something has been bothering me. I've been thinking about the way that we view the people that are around us. Why do we view them the way that we view them? Most importantly, why do people think that based on their profession they are good people?
Well I don't believe that to be true. I don't believe that the judgement of good versus evil is a matter that cuts deeper then simply based on what they do. I believe that there is more to human nature than that. There is more layers to us then the ones that we show to the public.
As Freud says personality is like an iceberg called the ID, ego and super-ego. The ID is the basic part of personality that begins with your basic wants and desires. It is believed to be the source of our wants, desires and impulses. Things that are presented in the ID often go unnoticed or are repressed. It is the only parts of personality that is presented at birth. The ego is our source of reality. It seeks to bring the id pleasure. In other words, its the more logical angle of our personality, in addition to our defensive functions. Our super-ego is society's influence on our personality, including but not limited to norms. The super-ego aims for perfection and nothing less. The super-ego aims to please in a social setting, while our id aims to please no matter what; right there right now.
Our personalities are in many layers. Therefore, we can not judge a person based on their profession. There should be many criteria to judging a person. Hasty judgement can often be wrong judgement.
And what should we judge a person on? We should judge them based on their experiences that they've had and how they've managed to cope. We should judge the person that they've made out of themselves, instead of where their journey had began. We should judge them by how they treat the people that are around them daily. Judge them about the multiple layers of our personality, not just the petty schema of society. We should not judge them based on a profession, where they come from, and who their parents are. Also, judgment should stretch farther then where we went to school, and the amount of money that you make in a year. And who they go home to? You're not also in the position to judge that either.
We are complex beings. Therefore, we should not be judged simply.

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