Friday, July 26, 2013

Fictional Friday: Obessive Love.

Disclaimer: The people and events in this story are purely fiction and DO NOT relate to anyone who exists in real life.

She writes her not furiously and fast like a doctor writing a prescription. "I've got to get this done", she snaps with determination.
I sat there, my psychology book wide open on my lap. Lately this routine has become more and more common-Jen obsessing or doing some sort of crazy notion for her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, or her drama with her boyfriend always took center ring compared to everything else. Her life centered around Nate like the earth orbited around the sun.
I gave Natalia a look. She rolled her eyes. Lately, lunch was all about her and her soap opera lifestyle. It was about Nate, about her looks, or some other complaint about how the world didn't roll her way.
Her iPhone buzzed onto the table. It lit up as a text message icon appeared. I watched Jen jump as if she was being shocked.
"Ugh, that asshole", she grumbled, as she went back to scribbling her love note.
"Who?" Natalia asked, as she picked at her french fries.
"Nate, that's who!"
Natalia rolled her eyes.
"What did he do?" I asked. I closed my book and thought "What did he do now, you obsessive freak." Of course, I didn't. She was in hurricane mode, and Natalia and I wanted to save ourselves from any damage.
"He hasn't answered his phone!"
"Since when?" I asked.
"Fourth period", she said.
"That was two hours ago.  You must be dying of separation since you've been separated for all of that length of time. And he didn't text you? What a jerk", Natalia said full of over dramatic sarcasm.
"What are you writing?" I asked, trying to derive attention away from Natalia's performance.
"A note for Nate."
"When do you plan to give it to him?" Natalie asked.
"Next period."
Natalia and I sighed. We sometimes let the storm pass through. The only thing in it's way was our friendship.

Jen was always independent, and confident. I never expected her to lower herself so low for a boy. I never thought that she would be the type for a boyfriend, forever riding the single life.
She met Nate at the beginning of senior year. Well, her senior year since he was a year behind us. They didn't become a couple until about February.
Slowly after that, I saw her fall in love. Or lust, as it became her obsession. At first, I thought that it was cute, then it turned annoying.

As the bell rang, and she gathered her books and ran out. Of course, she was looking for Nate.
"God, it's getting worse," Natalia said.
"She's gone mad."
"I don't think that he can handle her much more", Natalia said.
"Can I be honest?" I asked.
Natalia nodded. "Sure".
"I kind of hope he breaks up with her," I said. "Then she'll learn."
"She won't let him go."
"You know", Natalia said. "If you strangle a guy like this, he won't be able to breathe. It's only a matter of time before he leaves. He probably is afraid to do anything with out her by his side."
"He'll be stuck forever", I said as we stopped in front of my Spanish classroom.
"Poor kids. On that note, have a good Spanish class," Natalia said.
"Bye", I said.

Later that day:
My phone buzzed with a text from Jen, just as I was about to eat a cookie. I opened it.
"Hey free to talk?"
I hesitated before typing a response. It was the usual 'yes, what's wrong?' I then threw my phone down at the table in fustration. It buzzed again. I picked it up.
'I think that Nate is mad at me".
"Why?"I knew that wasn't the response to something such as this, especially when I didn't care about the reasons why.
'He seemed so distant today. Yesterday, he was the polar opposite. He even bought me flowers!'
I wanted to tell her to leave me alone. I wanted to tell her to get a life. But I didn't. I just said that maybe he wanted to be with his friends. Normal people have friends, and have a girlfriend at the same time.
"Why would he do that? He would much rather hang out with me?" she asked.
Finally frustration was bubbling over like a washing machine with too much soap.
"You know what?' I asked. "I'm tired of analyzing Nate's every action. I don't care anymore. Please leave me alone.'
She typed responses. Many. I chose not to read them, shutting my phone off for the evening. I didn't speak to Jen much after that, and last I heard from her, she was getting married to Nate. Rumors spiraled that she trapped him by having a baby.

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