Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Path Less Chosen

Sometimes, we do things that do not make sense to others. However, those things are the things that make the most sense to us. We can not explain the cause of dreams, of why we want the things that we want to do, we just want to do them. No explanations. The paths that we chose may not be the path is walked on more, however, it's the path that is made for us.
The path that I'm choosing may not be the one that makes the most sense to many people. I am currently working on completing a Bachelor of Arts in English with a specialization of Creative Writing, and psychology with a specialization of mental health. Being a double major wasn't an easy choice. It was the result of lots of thought, research and soul searching. By the end, I have realized that the double major was the right one for me. I knew then it wasn't the easiest path for me to choose. However, I'm not afraid of hard work, especially when success is down the road.
The cool thing about English and Psychology is that one area of study can benefit the other. For example, English can help my psychology major by giving me the option to do written therapy with my patients. Based on personal experience, writing is the ultimate release for whatever is going wrong in my life. I can honestly say that writing is something that helps me whenever I'm down.
Psychology can also benefit English as well. Knowing a lot about personality, development, and about the human mind in general can be helpful in the writing process. One of the best things, perhaps one of my most favorite things, is that I have the ability to identify what stage a person is presented by men such as Kohlberg, Piaget, and Frued. This is helpful because when you go to write things, knowing the stage of life that person is in can help shape the person's way of thinking similar to the way we think at that age.
The path less chosen can sometimes have its benefits as I mentioned. Every class that I've been taking through out my years as a student has left me with something that I previously did not have. There is no such thing as a negative learning experiences. However with the path less chosen, there are people who will openly tell you that you will not be a success. Those people are the hardest to overcome. When we do overcome them, we feel like we're on top of the world.
And that's the true benefit of the harder path, in my opinion.

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