Monday, October 12, 2015

Remembering My Grandfather

On this day four years ago, my life changed forever. The day began as a mundane rainy day in the life of senior year. I had badminton practice that day, in preparation for the next day's game.
However, it changed drastically and became anything that wasn't ordinary. My grandfather, someone who was like my father, had passed away at age 84. He lost his fight with Alzheimer's Disease, and was perhaps one of the most influential people of my life.
Thanks to my grandfather, I learned that there are a few good men out there. I learned to work hard for what I get (I believe I get my work ethic from him), and to never refuse money. His nickname was Sonny, and I believe it was because he was always laughing. He never failed to make me feel loved, and that love is what I miss the most. If he saw me now, I know he'd be proud. I've become the writer that he always knew I'd become. My grandfather was a great man, and a great sunshine to my family. That ray of sunshine is still missed today.
Although I do miss my grandfather, I have realized his death came to end something-his suffering. He suffered with Alzheimer's for five years, and became a living vegetable. His struggles varied from forgetting names to losing the ability to swallow.
Alzheimer's Disease still has no cure, however, it continues to steal things from thousands of other victims. While my grandfather's fight is over, they fight everyday with the disease. However, it's a hopeless battle that no one can ever win. That is, until there's a cure. On this day, I remember my grandfather and his struggle with Alzheimer's Disease. However, I'll also remember those who still struggle on a daily basis. 


  1. That's a beautiful tribute. I lost my grandfather to ALS which also doesn't have a cure. I hope these terrible illnesses can find a cure. Sounds like your grandfather was an amazing man who passed on the love of writing and life to you!

    1. I hate that these terrible illness don't have a cure. Thank you for the beautiful words.