Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yo, Me In High School; Here's a Letter For You

A few days ago, I was looking at my old Facebook statuses at work. I then realized how annoying I was, and felt bad for people who I interacted with at that time. So, I've decided to write a letter to myself to give myself the knowledge about things I wish I knew then. Maybe that would have made me less annoying....
Dear Natalie,
Welcome to high school. It's going to change your life, and some of the people you're close to now won't be there for you. And who am I? How do I know this? Well, this is the you from the future. Try 2015, where you'll have a car, 3 jobs and so many classes that you'll constantly feel overwelmed to the point where you don't know where to begin. But, before I tell you what you'll have to look foreword to, let me tell you a few things about life, kid. Cause you have a lot to learn about.
Me in May 2009. 
High school isn't as hectic as it looks. Sure, there are people who you want to be like, and there's the crowd of people who you want to fit in with. However, the person that you should aspire to be is yourself. Some of your peers are gothic, but that's not you. You're also not preppy, either. You're just you, if that makes sense. Embrace the elements that make you, you. Embrace the fact that you enjoy classic rock, and rap music. Embrace your quirks, even though people make fun of you for it. Yes, it can be easy for you to conform. However, later in life you'll appreciate the qualities of what makes you, well weird. For you, that will be your love for Ozzy Osbourne, and love for writing just to name a few. Do you, kid. No one else.
One of the struggles you'll encounter is struggling with your weight. In the course of one year, you'll drop 20 pounds. (Actually a little over.) Although you do it healthily, it quickly becomes an obsession. You need to be skinny, and when you binge, you binge hard. I can tell you that it's not the way that dieting and weight loss should work. Yes, it's a lifestyle choice, and you did things healthy. But you became obsessed with weight, and even judged those you were friends with by their weight. Soon, you won't be able to keep it up, and gain the majority of it back. What you learn through this, is that it's important to be healthy, no matter what size you end up being.
Senior photo, 2011.
Another issue that will come up during your high school years is relationships. You're going to be single for most of your high school career. You will have the cutesy relationships that last for like a day, but that's not going to count. You'll meet a red-haired boy who you think won't hurt you. You fall for him and think that he's the one for you at 15. (Okay, if you actually do read this, know that the boyfriend you have now won't be the guy you date forever.)Turns out, he does. The thing is, it's going to hurt a lot. It's your first real relationship, after all. But you learn a lot about relationships in the end. Sure you could have handled it better. Actually yeah you could have, because I'm literally embarrassed to even talk about it now. But you eventually learn that love is something that takes time, effort and patience. At 21, you don't have a boyfriend, but you've accomplished so much. I guess the take home message is that you should read books more than you chase after boys. At least you'll learn something through the books. Know that love is something that isn't a competition. When it's right it will come to you. And also, don't spam your partner and give him space when he needs it.
Here's some advice from the cooler version of yourself. Don't be afraid to be a nerd. Whether it's about music, books or just being passionate about something, it's what makes you unique. Don't stop writing. In the middle of high school, you'll begin to write a blog that becomes your diary. Four years later, you'll be paid to write. You're good at writing, but you'll become even better at it as time goes on. Your little blog will reach over 30,000 views. Read a lot, and don't forget to feed your mind. The library is a good place for you to be.

Verenized and I, sophomore year. 
Theresa and I, junior year.  
Griffin and I, the day I graduated. 
Griffin, Gabriel and I; graduation party 2012.
Furthermore, you'll meet some good friends. Some you'll still be in touch with, others you have lost touch with. Just remember that they are good, and remember to treat them well. You do cool things, like play badminton and join band. (Where you meet one of the people who you're closest too!)
Well, you should be going back to trolling everyone on Facebook. (Get off, seriously. Do something better with your life.) I'll see you in 2015.

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