Tuesday, March 8, 2016

An Open Letter to my Readers

Dear Readers,
Let me say this first, this isn't goodbye. I'm not writing this because I'm quitting blogging nor am I writing this because I have the intentions of quitting this blog.
I'm writing this because I know lately I haven't been producing as much content as I haven't, and this is a pattern that I will likely continue for a while. My blog is my pride and joy, and I am so grateful that in the almost 800 posts I have on this blog, my readership never waned. Some of you are fellow bloggers who I met virtually, while others are friends of mine who I basically nagged to read this blog.
I don't think I'll ever stop writing blog entries. However, I've been so overwhelmed with everything, from the effects of anxiety, school, starting a new job and life to even think about posting. Therefore, I won't be sticking to a schedule of some sort, so I can allow myself the ability to post whenever I can, without sticking to a schedule of some sort. That way, I also won't be compromising the quality of this blog with the quantity of posts. It's important to me to be able to provide my readers with quality writing and insightful entries that truly get you thinking. Numbers are crucial in the blog world, but also the blogger should be too. Sometimes, we change our availability, and posting turns into a lesser priority.
So, I urge you all to stick around and still read my blog in the times I post. I'm aiming for at least two a week, however, I'm not going to feel guilty for not. Blogging is about life, and sometimes life goes into overdrive, causing you to not be able to write about it as much as you like. Stay tuned for more updates, and I hope you all stick with me as I reach my 4th blog anniversary.

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