Friday, March 11, 2016

Dear Future Husband

Dear Mr. Whatever Your Last Name Is,
Hi, it's me your wife. We may have met already. Or maybe we have yet to meet. Whatever the case is, I can honestly say you're pretty awesome. After all, you have such great taste in women.
I hope that whoever you are, you're awesome. And most of all, you know me. You know that I hate the ordinary and strive to find the path that is less travelled. You know I'm sometimes as sweet as a cupcake (which by the way you know are my favorite desserts), and you know that sometimes I'm as sour as a lemon.
I hope that you know, that I'm dealing with a lot and that I'm doing the best I can to not only make the world a better place but to keep myself together. I also hope you know that sometimes, I can be impossible to deal with. And, I'm working on that. People can be impossible sometimes, but at the end of the day, it's about learning how to deal with things better. I'm always going to learn how to improve myself, and I'm always going to be changing. I hope that you can be there with me, and grow with me as I go.
I hope you know that I'm looking foreword to whatever life we have planned, and reading whatever story we have to tell. I look foreword to a life adventures, and a life of new things. I only hope that the life we plan will be an exciting one. I hope you know that whatever we do, I won't be the June Cleaver type of wife. I won't have your dinner hot and ready on the table by the time that you get home. Instead, I'll be doing all sorts of fun things, as a journalist, and as a person who hungers to get the most out of life. I will never do the traditional gender role as a wife. And that's okay.
At the end of the day, I look for you in the strangest of places, but I'm done looking. I only hope that you'll one day find me, and say "hey."
In the mean time, I'll explore the world. And myself.