Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Take a Walk

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed that I've been embarking on quite a few walks last week at East Rock park, which is located in Hamden, Conn. East Rock is about ten minutes away from my house, and I love the view of a beautiful river.
Usually, I go to East Rock with a friend of mine to walk and take dope Instagram pictures. However, the warm weather prompted me to wander new places by myself. So, I got into Rosie and drove, armed with sunshine and classic rock. The first time, I went after wandering around a nearby bookstore, and I decided to go there on an impulse. The second time, I wandered there on purpose, with a cup of Panera lemonade.
During my second walk.
And, both times, I enjoyed myself.
Taking a walk just opened my mind. The fresh air seemed to clear my anxiety, and the stillness was a great pause away from the normal hustle and bustle of life. Everything lately for me seemed to be moving a 100 miles per hour. Here, however, things seemed to slow down. I could breathe. It was nice.
As the weather gets warmer, I plan to wander around to other local parks. Sure, they are great destinations to wander with a friend. However, there's something liberating about taking a walk by yourself. It allows you to think, without the commentaries of someone else. You can think about, well anything. And no one will judge you by stopping to take several Instagrams. (Well, the bystanders probably.)
By taking a walk, I got a well-deserved break from school and work. It was amazing because I could just relax. And when I returned back to my to-do list, I felt more energy to take the tasks and complete them better than I tried. Who knew a 20 minute walk could be the cure for stress and anxiety?
At the end of the day, walking may not be the solution to why you got into a fight with your significant other. Nor, will it make your to-do list shorter. However, it does accomplish one thing. It helps you take a step back and relax. It freezes the world, even for just one moment. And, in a world filled with obligation, responsibility and expectations it can help you stay sane. It's the perfect medicine for anxiety and stress, at least for me.

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