Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear Santa.

Dear Santa,
It's a week before Christmas, and I'm sure that you're extremely busy fulfilling the wishes of boys and girls all over the world. However, with that being said, I ask you for something.
Santa, less then a week ago, 27 lives were tragically taken from this earth. Twenty seven lives were taken too soon from this earth too soon. In July, more lives were taken from this earth in Colorado. Both of these lives were taken due to someone with a gun in their hands. Someone who obviously had problems of some sort, and failed to get help.
Santa, I ask you to find a solution to the violence. I ask you to take away some of the pain of those affected by these crimes, especially since they lost a child at such a young age. These parents shouldn't have to be planning funerals. They should be planning Christmas morning. They should be planning birthdays and their futures. They shouldn't have to be saying goodbye. Each of those kids had a bright future and now it's no more. They will never fall in love, they will never get married, graduate, have kids of their own, and have careers.
I also ask you to open the eyes of everyone. The only way to black out hate Santa, is to purify it with love. I ask for peace on Earth, before children are too scared. Children should be innocent, and free. They shouldn't have to worry about these types of things. The worrying is for the adults.
Santa, make this world, at last, be peaceful.

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