Thursday, December 13, 2012


I've written exactly 100 entries in this here blog. Yay! I wanted to write about my dreams, mainly because I have a lot of them and I felt like sharing them with you all, my readers who I hope that are able to read 100 more insanely stupid entries that I've poured my heart and soul into.
I have many hopes and dreams, hopefully all that will get completed in my lifetime. I dream to write lots and lots of books, stories, blog entries, and poetry. I want to write enough that eventually people will study in school. I want to walk into the shoes of Louisa May Alcott, JK Rowling, and Jane Austen, and write not books, but classics. I hope to graduate with a BA in English (creative writing), and perhaps go for my master's.
I dream of getting married and having a family. I plan to adopt children, because I want to give kids who don't have a home of their own, and now where to go, and give them a happy and supportive environment for them to grow, with lots of books, love and cookies. (every child needs a cookie.)
I want to retire and I want to travel. I dream of hitting Italy. I want to learn Latin, and read a lot of the great books that are out there. I want to have great conversations about literature, politics, and pretty much anything with my spouse and or significant other.
But there's other dreams I have, however they may not be the dreams that will affect me directly. I dream of no being two or four legged being shot by a gun. I dream of conflict being solved by debate, not be a gun fight. I dream of being able to watch two men or two women being able to get married legally in every part of the nation, no the world. I dream of every animal having a home that keeps them warm at night. I dream of education becoming more available to everyone, making people be able to chose the school of their dreams based on programs that are offered not just whether or not they can be afforded. I dream of a better tomorrow that will be available for my adopted children. I dream of peace. I dream of a world that is filled with happiness.
All and all, I just dream for a better tomorrow.

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