Sunday, December 30, 2012

What I Hate About Facebook.

I'm not a huge fan of Facebook anymore. for many reasons. First of all, the timeline thing is stupid. Plus, I don't want my friends to see all of the stupid things that I've posted back when I was an angst teenager. Hell, I'm still angst, but I think I'm a little more refined. I hope I am. Second of all, I hate it when people use it as a place to vent. Yes, I understand that you're upset with whatever's bothering you. However, there is a limit to what should be posted online. The thing that I hate most is that people write sad statuses, just to get some kind of attention. Newsflash: If you're upset, text someone or get a therapist. Don't broadcast it to the entire world. Third of all, I hate LMS. I don't honestly get the point of that. Is that to show how many friends you have? Because if Facebook's a popularity contest, then I'm clearly losing. And lastly, mirror pics. I think thanks to Facebook I've seen nearly all of the girls I know bathrooms. And the duck face! OMG seriously it's not attractive. Alright? Bye.
Anyways, those are my qualms about Facebook. This has been written as a comedy piece, and not to offend anyone.

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