Saturday, December 15, 2012

Never Forget

Yesterday, in a town about forty five minutes away from where I live, 28 lives have been lost, 20 of them being children. And it just breaks my heart. There's twenty children that won't get to see their high school graduations. There's twenty children who won't get their first kiss, their wedding days, and to enligten the world with their dreams. There are forty parents who are in mourning. Twenty families who will truly never be the same. I offer my deepest sympathies to them, as well as the families of the seven adults who have been killed. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you, Newtown.
In addition to the lives he stole, he also stole something else from the survivors. He stole their innocence. Once a child's innocence is stolen, you can never get it back. He stole their sense of security. I will pray for them as well, because although they were lucky to survive, they've seen things that a child should not see. They learned at an early age, that the world isn't all warm and fuzzy, and that there are evil people in this world.
My question is why? Why would someone take the life of the child, who has not done anything possible to deserve being treated like that?
I will never forget 12.14.12. To those with a twitter account, there is a two minute moment of twitter slience, and I strongly think that every person in this world should participate, to respect those children lost. Twenty lives were stolen yesterday, due to an act of useless violance.
Never forget those children. Never forget their families. Never forget their teachers who have died saving their children.

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