Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I often have been feeling miserable lately, kinda like Snooki and Gionni when she was in Italy and miserable all of the time. I mean, I'm not dating anyone, but still, I feel like that.
I've been really upset and miserable about a lot lately. I've been feeling upset about the stupidest things ever, and it's like I know that I shouldn't feel upset, but I do. I've been feeling lonely, and confused and walking around hurt.
I mean, there's so much that I should be grateful for. I should be grateful for my health, my house, and of course my awesome family and friends. But sometimes, health and happy friends are not enough. I've been feeling like I'm all alone, and I hate this feeling. I hate going from having everything, to having nothing. I hate losing my best friend, just simply due to the fact of idiocy.
So, yeah. That's my life. I'm just in one of those moods when I feel like I have no one...

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