Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dream the Obscene.

When you're little, everyone tells you that you can do anything. Want to be the next president? Go for it. Want to be a singer? Yeah, you can do that too. However, when you get old, this quickly changes. Eventually, instead of being told that you can do things, you are being told, 'well, that's currently unlikely..' Well, what happened to the whole you can do it type of optimism? Where does it go? Out the window?
Well, after giving it some thought, I've come to this conclusion. In childhood, we are always encouraged to dream big things, to play games that get us to imagine things, and read lots of books. If we want to be a singer, then we are in singing lessons. If we want to be an athlete, we play a sport. If we want to be a dancer, then we are in dancing lessons. Basically, if you want to do something, then usually it happens. What happens eventually is that as we age into adolescence and early adulthood, we begin to face the reality of it all: the chances of being a singer, or whatever for that matter is pretty slim, and that we should think of a more practical approach to support yourself and your family. So then, the microphone gets shut off, and the ballet slippers go away, and we begin to think of a more logical career.
However I think that no matter what our dreams are we should follow them to some degree. My dream is to be a novelist slash writer. And right now, I'm following it. My goal is to be a famous writer, and have a much wider audience then of course the people who I spam daily and whoever comes across it. But I have more plans than that. I'm writing a novel as we speak. (Well actually finishing up my NanoWriMo project, but still.) I plan to be a double major in either psychology or journalism, so I can have a better chance at supporting myself. You can say I gave up a bit on my dream, but I say that I'm revising it. I always planned to write, because I just enjoy it.
My closing question to you, my dear readers, is what is your dream? Chew on it.

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