Friday, February 22, 2013

Heart Matters.

Lately, I've been thinking of the heart, and it's many consequences. The heart does so much. It's our acting gut, it's something that keeps us from doing, and is our desire for doing them. It's our motivation for doing these things, even. Our heart is sometimes given to others with out their consent, or sometimes even our own. The heart is a funny organ, but yet, eventually it is the one that knows us the best.
I began to think of heart in the beginning of this week. I had a person who perhaps I didn't have any romantic interest in at all, but wouldn't leave me alone. I felt bad, but realized that if I gave in I wouldn't be fair to both parties. It wouldn't be fair because both of us would be living a lie. It also wouldn't be fair to us because we would be holding us back to the people who we do want to give our heart to. It sucks to be the one who has to be told this, but in the end, it will all be okay.
I can not be in a relationship without no heart. Where my heart is, that's where I'll be. If I don't feel something, then I can't be with them. I don't care who the hell they are, if my heart is telling me to go for something then I'm sure as hell going to go for it. I can try to hide my feelings about it but that wouldn't help me find happiness. My advice to anyone who is unhappy is to follow your heart, and to avoid opinion of other's who want you to follow their opinion of you and what you should do.
The heart can lead us to do some pretty crazy things. It can cause you to make mistakes, even. It can cause you to change your hairstyle. It can even cause you to lose your virginity. All of these decisions, you guess them have consequences. Some are bigger then others. The point is, if you're not ready for them, then chances are this isn't something that you should be doing.
The heart matters. Listen to it. Cheesy? Yes. True? Yes.

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