Thursday, February 14, 2013

To All Da Creeps Out There.

Honestly, I hate people who think just because their single, and I’m single, that means we should go out. First of all, honey I have standards. I won’t go with anyone whose walking around the street. You have to actually make me be interested in you. Just cause I’m single, and you’re single doesn’t mean it’s time for us to become friends and go out. Friends? Yes, why not? Dating? No. I’m not interested in you because you go too far and text me too much. Yeah. I’m not into that. Unlike you, I have a life, and I'm not interested in being your chick. I'm not fucking property. Please if you’re going to be pursuing me, then you have to realize that I’m not going to be in for you for the sole reason that we’re both without significant others and it’s Valentine’s Day. That's desperate, my friend, and that's one thing that I am not. 
I hope you one day meet a girl that digs ya too, but I'm honestly really sorry I'm not nor will I ever be your baby.
Thank you and good night!

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