Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Love You? I Love Me?

It's that time of year again. Valentine's season. When everyone is out buying their significant other something to make them smile, and the single complain about how they don't have a significant other to either buy them candy or shiny things. Or both, in some cases. Anyways, this day, which apparently some say was brought on by the greeting card company to bring in the cash.
However, I tend to disagree. I feel like this day is a good day, because it's a chance to show your love for one other, whether single, taken or just talking to a person just because they are there. (Hi to the people who I sit next to in all of my classes, how are you doing on this fine Sunday?) We have lots of relationships to deal with. But the most important one, is the one with yourself.
The relationship with yourself is the one that's the most important simply because it's the one that's the longest. You've known yourself since the day that you were born, and chances are, you're going to know yourself until you die. Before entering a relationship with someone else, you have to be able to love you, for your OWN flaws and imperfections that make you, well you. I bet there are things that you want to change about yourself. I, for example, hate my stomach. I don't know why, I just do. I suck at math, and can't drive a car to save my life. (Which is bad, because I need my license) But I realize that's me. I'm good at somethings such as writing, (I'm an English major, after all), reading, and analyzing people. It's a strange combination, but I ain't complaining. In relationships, I notice that a lot of people are insecure about it. However, that's usually because they are not secure with themselves, therefore they often act really, uhm, wierd. Insecurity in a relationship sometimes is bought on by the insecurity with oneself. Therefore, being secure in what one does or says is always helpful in life.
In the end, the relationship with oneself matters. However there are some people who can change that. Those people are the people that we actually begin to love. Those are the exceptions to the rules. It's okay to make a sacarfice, if the person makes you happy enough or they mean a lot to you. However, if this was the right relationship, then they wouldn't ask you to.
Basically, the moral of this blog entry is to do what makes yourself happy, and to not give a damn about anything else. Thank you and goodnight.

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