Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Life. It's more then a cereal. It's what the world revolves around. Today, in Human Geography, we began to talk about life expectancy. And that got me thinking.
In America, the average life expectancy is 78. That's 78 years to dream, to make children, to do whatever our heart desires. I realized that it was so short, to do whatever you needed or wanted to do. In those short years, whatever they may be, you have to live a life, get a legacy. And that's when i came to an interesting conclusion.
Life is too short to be filled with people or things who don't matter. That ex friend or boyfriend that you still think about? Perhaps it's not exactly worth your time living a life in the past. Those bitches around you? Yeah, they are not worth the time or effort either. At the end of the day, it's about me, and the places that I will get to. I don't need to clog my vision with things that don't matter. And for the things that I have trouble determining whether or not they matter? I'll just have to remember one thing. This too shall pass.

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