Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Fest 2014

Last weekend, I attended Fall Fest at Elisia's school. What is fall fest, you may ask? Well it's a free concert event where there's food trucks. So naturally, I was there. And it was amazing, even though we only watched like one part of the concert. Plus, it was fun to walk around someone else's school that wasn't my own. (I also took a lot of pictures..sorry for blowing up everyone's Instagram feeds!)
From the food trucks, I got a grilled chicken avocado wrap thing (which was amazing, let me tell you; just a tad bit more spicy than I wish it was), and a vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles. Elisia got a chocolate one, with chocolate sprinkles.
                                                         Chicken wrap was amazing! 
                                                         Ice cream cones with sprinkles are the best.
After eating the really good food, we walked around for a bit. I got to see Quinnipiac's wonderful campus, which was an amazing thing to see. The campus is really pretty, and had a lot of wonderful spots to take pictures. (I did the whole taking pictures while walking thing--I probably looked like I wasn't actually going there.)
                                                          This school is so pretty..
Overall, it was a great afternoon spent with one of my closest friends. I really liked that I had the afternoon to do something that was really fun, because I feel like I've been spending too much time at work, at school, doing school work or just hanging with my dog. Therefore, a fun day with my homegirl was what I needed! Thanks Elisia for inviting me! I had fun. (and also, for putting up with the massive amount of photos!)
Elisia and I! 
   Some river I found. 

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  1. This sounds so cool! I wish we had this at my school!