Monday, September 22, 2014

What I've Watched/To Be Watched

Netflix and I have been the best of friends as of late. At night, I usually sit down and watch a television show or a bit of a movie. It's a great thing to look foreword to after a long day of homework, work, or classes. It's okay. I have a Netflix problem, and I am so not sorry about it. Therefore, I must write about it, because blogs are something that we share these kinds of things. After all, admitting to something is the first step of realizing that you have a problem. Anyways, here's what I've been watching. And what I want to watch.
What I've Watched:

  • "Gossip Girl": Currently I'm on season two, and I'm simply obsessed. I once watched 8 episodes in a day. I am currently obsessed over Chuck and Blair and really wish that they would get their stuff together so that they can be perfect.
  • "Breakfast At Tiffany's": Okay, so this movie is beyond perfect. I watched it a while ago, and I became emotionally invested in this movie. It's a classic, and I'll probably be watching it again soon. 
  • "Sabrina" (both of them): This movie is amazing, and the remake is amazing. I can't pick which one I like better, and I'm so glad that that Netflix has both of them.
  • "Pretty Little Liars": I've watched this show all summer, and it's pretty addicting. I still have two seasons left though, no spoilers!
  • "Funny Face": I need to finish it, but it's so good! I see an Audrey obsession forming, and I like the movie so far. 

What I Want to Watch:

  • "Officer and a Gentleman": I've been dying to see this movie, and I am so glad that it's now on Netflix.
  • "New Girl": I've seen the first few seasons, and I'm so happy that the newer season is on Netflix!
  • "Roman Holiday": I'm obsessed with Audrey, and I'm so happy that there's a wide selection of her movies. 
  • "Gilmore Girls": I'm excited that this show is coming on Netflix. Even though I've seen every single episode of it countless times. I'm so excited to see this show whenever I need a Gilmore fix. 
What have you been watching? Tell me, I want to hear!

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  1. Love Breakfast at Tiffany's; many people miss the fact that Holly is a prostitute. And in the novella, Paul is gay. But in 1961, that wasn't going to happen in the movies. How times have changed. :-) But "Moon River" is a keeper. And who doesn't love Audrey?