Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Right or Wrong

Relationships are something that truly baffles me. There are thousands, no millions of people that are in relationships. They are large, they are small, and they are people that do many of things. Some are on television, and we give them our daily grain of thought as we watch the romance unfold. There's relationships like Chuck and Blair, Sheldon and Amy, and Jack and Rose. Relationships that form out of friendships, and relationships that start when you're just walking onto the street and magically stumble onto someone that's perfect for you.
No matter how many soul mates there are in this world, there's so many different versions of right and wrong. So, I'm going to ask you something. Is there a right or wrong way of being in a relationship?
Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big had sex on their first date. Jill Duggar and Derek Dilliard waited until their wedding day to have their first kiss. Sheldon Cooper and Amy don't even lay a hand onto each other because he's afraid of physical contact. What do both of these people have in common? Well, they both are married, in love, and consider their partner to be the one. One may say that the other's ways in a relationship may not be what's right for them.
Relationships aren't like a multiple choice question. There's no a, b, or c choice. I believe that there is a wrong or right relationship. And that is the relationship that is right for you. Not for people that are watching you. People always seem to have a preconceived motion of what is best for you, and what's not good for you. I don't know where they get that way of thinking, and that's just annoying. With love, you're the only one whose satisfaction is key. Everyone else...well everyone else will have something to say whether it's right. Whether you can do better or worse. Whether or not you should walk down the aisle with that person that you want to marry.
To be in a relationship, the right way, you need to mute all of that. Or try to, seeing as that can be hard to do. The way that you interact with your partner? Well, it's up to you. And no one else for that matter. 

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