Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apps Everyone Should Have.

It's no secret that I've been dealing with a lot lately when it comes to mental health. Sometimes, I feel depressed and can get down on myself. However, on those days I've learned to really take care of myself. One of the ways that I do so is through some apps that I have.
One of these apps are What's Up. What's Up is an app that focuses on how to get you through depression. As seen here, there's a thing called "Help Right Now," which focuses on getting you better and calm. Coping Strategies is geared towards getting you to cope with what you're feeling through powerful steps and changes to your thinking pattern. Information helps you get informed about what's going on with you. And finally, the personal section helps you keep track of habits and what's going on with you for the day.
I really like this app because whenever I have a bad day, it helps me control my feelings of depression and feeling overwhelmed. I actually heard about this app through my friend Griffin. I recommend it to anyone whose stressed, anxious or really upset. I also like how it has an information section in it, which helps me learn what's going on with me.
The other app is called I am. Basically there's not much to say about it other than it sends you positive things about you through out the day. You can control what they say, and how often they send you the notifications. I like this app because whenever I'm stressed out, seeing something about the good parts of me never fails to make me happy. Sometimes, we really need to be remind about our good qualities, not just our bad ones.

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