Tuesday, September 15, 2015

English Is Not My Thing

This semester I'm taking two English literature classes. One of them is for my minor-20th century literature. The other one is a Young Adult Literature class that I'm taking as an elective. And, as I'm taking the classes I've confirmed what I've learned last spring-English and I aren't exactly the right fit.
Why? I hate annotating and sitting around to analyze literature. I don't like figuring out why someone wrote something. Yes, I like to read books for fun. Thus, I don't like to analyze why someone wrote it. Or what they meant by a certain theme or motif.
But that doesn't mean that I hate literature. I just hate analyzing it. However, I'm all over book reviews, and talking about what I thought about the book. I like to tell someone how I feel about the book, and whether or not I think that it's good. However, I don't want to pick the text apart and make an academic argument.
While I sit in my two English classes, I got to admit that the teachers are good. I got to admit that my classmates are pretty awesome. However, I really don't like sitting there trying to figure out what some author meant. I'm not excited about the classes, but when it comes to my journalism classes I have heart eyed emoji all over it.
At the end of the day, it's often easier to realize what's not a perfect fit for someone before you realize what the right one is. For me, it was realizing that English and literature wasn't. I'll never be the person who can find hidden meaning from a poem. However, I'll be the person that tells you the news, and what's going on in the world that day.
And that's okay. 


  1. I feel the same way. I just started taking AP English 12 which is the super intensively analytical one and I'm struggling a bit. As much as I've loved English/Creative Writing/Journalism in the past, I'm realizing just how hard and, sometimes annoying, it can be to analyze sometimes.

    1. It really is; good luck with your classes this semester!