Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Last Beach Day of the Summer

I can't believe that school is starting today. It seems like it was only yesterday when school was out, and now I'm about to start my senior year. So, last week Gabriel and I wanted to have one last hurrah before they went to Spain and I went to school to adult. We decided to make it a day filled with good food, the beach and getting a bunch of errands done.
After running to Target to get a purse, we ordered Thai food. After Gabriel got their food, we bought me a sticky bun (which was amazing) and then headed to the beach. The beach was about ten minutes away, so we were armed with fantastic tunes on the way there.
Once we got there, Gabriel and I ate our food. After eating, Gabriel went to lay in the sand and I walked around. (And took pictures.) After I got bored taking pictures, I sat down with Gabriel and we talked about life. Before leaving, we explored the beach and took a few selfies to remember the day. We then collected some sea glass and decided to head home.
This was an amazing way to celebrate the last few summer days. It was very relaxing and it was nice to spend some time with Gabriel before they head off to Spain. 

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