Friday, September 11, 2015

They Took a Plane, To Spain!

Last Sunday, one of my best friends embarked on an adventure that they have been looking foreword to for as long as I can remember. That is? A chance to study abroad in Spain.
This past week, we've spent some time getting Thai food (a staple for us), getting Starbucks and hanging out. Last Saturday, we said goodbye. But first, we got cookies and just spent the last night hanging out. And watching them pack.
Even though we tend to not see each other for longer periods of time, this time it's a bit different. Being in a different country means that they will be about 6 hours ahead of me. Instead of texting and calling, we have to be reliant of Skype, iMessage, What's App and Facebook Messenger to keep in contact. I'm looking foreword to hearing about their adventures though, and hopefully will get my snowglobe ;)
Have fun in Spain Gabriel!

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