Monday, August 6, 2012

Awesome Things.

While purchasing textbooks, I came across the discount bin at my school's bookstore. So, I picked up this book, called the Book of Awesome (Link posted at the bottom of this entry to the book's or author's website). Anyways, I got to reading it yesterday, on my summer reading kick, and ever since then, I couldn't put the book down, it was that good.
Anyways, the book was about the little awesome things in life that make us happy. And that got me thinking about the little awesome things, things that one wouldn't think of as being awesome or cause for one to be happy. So, I've composed a list of my own five awesome things.
  1. Cookies. Especially warm ones. I have a huge addiction to cookies. Whenever I eat them, I'm always happy. It doesn't matter what kind of cookies-chocolate chip, frosted, and M and M. The sky is the limit when it comes to me and cookies. 
  2. Learning  about new things. This summer, I learned how to drive. Yes, I may suck at it, but everytime I go out, I get a tad bit better, and learn a little more. The feeling of accomplishing something, anything is always a good thing. 
  3. Being curled up in a ball late at night watching television. I dunno why, but every night, I always shut my phone off, and just relax. 
  4. Running. Whenever I run, I feel like it clears my mind so I can think. It's like my own hour long mindsweep. Whenever I'm stressed, I always run, and for some odd reason, I'm not stressed anymore. 
  5. Gilmore Girls. That show is awesome. I'm obessed. Nuff said, fellas. 
Now, I have a crazy request. Tell me your little awesome things that make YOU happy. It doesn't have to be five, but I would like to hear it from you, readers.

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