Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inner Child.

How many of us are guilty of sleeping with stuffed animals, watching cartoons, playing on a playground, or eating sugary ceral just for the prizes. (Okay, tell me that I wasn't the ONLY person to ever do that, come on people)
The point is that we all have a inner child that resides in all of us. Sometimes, she's hidden by adult desires, but deep down, hidden, she's there. She's the one who loves lots of sweets, the one who still buys and sleeps with stuffed animals, and climbs trees. (I got that one with the help of Ugly Betty, thanks Betty.)
What is the inner child in us? She's the one who takes risks, mainly cause she doesn't know better. She plays with dolls, on hours on end, just to express the stories in her mind. She's the one who draws lousy pictures, so she can express her inner thoughts and ideas. She's the one who writes silly stories and dreams about becoming big someday, whether it's a writer singer, or fashion designer.
As we grow up, we quickly learn lessons and we lose interest in things such as playing an instrument or exploring. Why? I don't actually know. Maybe, when we hit puberty, we tend to lose interest in certain things, just to be more of the media's aspect on how the female should act like.(it's something I read in a book once) Maybe, we are discouraged to express ourselves by our families, peers, and other people in the world.
But the more we hold onto our inner desires, the more we hold onto imagination. The things we dream of is the things that we should go for. Sometimes, things are just within your reach. Sometimes, our inner child has a point in his or her own way.
They are telling us to dream.

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